“Motivation is the catalysing ingredient for every successful innovation.”

Every year hundreds of aspirants start their own ventures, but only a few succeed in establishing successful businesses. It’s not only the motivation that can lead you to establish and thrive in a business, but a good understanding of the market, product knowledge, and management skills are necessary to steer the ups and down in the start-ups.

Entrepreneurs have big dreams and limited resources when they do start-ups. Hence, they need a business mentor with rich domain expertise who can guide them in managing their operations, devising marketing strategies, and conquering competitors.


  • Existing Businesses (Small, Big, Luxury) : No matter what, be it small, big, or luxury, we help you grow manifolds and succeed 5x better than others. Drive the chariot of your business with the mentorship of business mentor.
  • Start-ups: A start-up needs constant nurturing to grow and guidance to face uncertainties. Register for a start-up mentorship program to grow your start-up.
  • Brand: Building a brand is an important process of a luxury business. Get proven strategies and tips to build your brand from brand mentors.
  • Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneur performs numerous job roles in the crucial phase of their business. They are both leaders and good team players in an organization. Get mentorship in managing and excelling in your venture.


  • Mentoring: We offer personalized mentoring to individuals seeking guidance and support to grow their businesses.
  • Business Consulting: We assist you in improving your overall business (marketing, operations, and managing human resources) and overcoming challenges.
  • Workshops/Webinars: We also conduct workshops and webinars in top B-Schools and corporates.
  • Business Plan Guidance: Get assistance forming a detailed business plan to help you generate business with proven strategies.
  • Business Council Feedback: Get business council feedback to access your organization’s growth, work-life balance, and culture. Learn tips on improving employee satisfaction, culture, work-life balance, and the overall structure of your business.


With three decades of rich expertise in luxury management, Abhay Gupta is an encyclopaedia of luxury business in India. He is the founder & CEO of Luxury Connect & Luxury Connect Business School and also a Certified Marshall Goldsmith Coach.

He is an advisor & mentor to top luxury brands in the country. He also authored a book, “The Incredible Indian Luxury Bazaar,” which is a complete guide to the Indian Luxury business. He is among the top business mentors in India.


Q. What is Business Mentoring?

Ans. Business mentoring means guidance by an experienced & professional business person to a business owner in improving their business & growth.


Q. How can Business Mentoring help me to grow my business?

Ans. Your business mentor can assist you in developing leadership qualities and solving your business challenges.


Q. What are the Benefits of using a Business Mentor?

Ans. You will always have a back from a business mentor in solving problems and increasing business knowledge. A business mentor helps you build leadership qualities, widen your professional network, and maximize your business performance.


Q. Are Business Mentors professionals?

Ans. Yes, they are professionals with rich experience in their concerned domains.


Q. What is the difference between Business Coaching and Mentoring?

Ans. A mentor is someone who shares knowledge to help you learn and grow. On the other hand, a business coach provides knowledge and assists you in reaching your business goals.


Q. How do I find and choose a Business Mentor?

Ans. Choose a person with rich industry experience and someone who has achieved a goal that you are striving for.


Q. Are there any risks to Business Mentoring?

Ans. If you and your mentor are not a good pair, it would be a risk for you and your business. Always be careful in choosing business mentors for your venture.