There are some things in life that money can’t buy, for everything else there’s Mastercard. The age old adage does drive home a point. However. the idea that you are part of an exclusive club that very few others can become members of, has its own charm and for most worth the effort and price. A source of envy of others, these clubs are more than the hype around the ‘By-Invite’ culture and only those who have truly experienced it can vouch for it.

Whether you are a part of the club or vying to be one, these super exclusive clubs make it your worthwhile. So here’s the list of 6 most super exclusive clubs you can become a part of only ‘by-invitation’.

  1. American Express Centurion ‘The Black Card’ Card – Rs 1.75 Lacs Annual Membership Fees

(Image Source – thepointsguy)

Need Taylor Swift backstage VIP passes for a sold-out concert? Better yet, need a table reserved at the last moment at a super-exclusive club – no problem. Access to any VIP airport lounge in the world – already a service. Also famous as the Black card with no limit, say hello to American Express Centurion Card. A by-invitation-only charge card that is offered to select existing American Express Platinum Card holders or possible customers deemed worthy of the card by American Express. Made up of anodized titanium, the membership of the charge card is by no means for the light-hearted. The annual membership costs $2500 besides the one-time initiation fee that ranges between $5000 – $7500. So in essence, one might have to spend upto $10,000 just for the first year. The benefits include exclusive access to priority pass airport lounges across the world, dedicated concierge notorious for making the most outrageous requests come true, complementary airline tickets on international flights, personal shoppers at most luxury brands, first-class flight and automatic hotel upgrades, Zero international transaction fee and so much more. But the best-known benefit of the card is that it has no pre-set spending Limit! Fancy a Ferrari? Just a swipe away!

  1. The Yellowstone Club, Montana

(Image Source – the Yellowstone Club, Montana)

Spread across 14,000 acres in Montana, The Yellowstone Club is an elite ski and golf resort that counts Bill Gates, Justin Timberlake, Google’s Eric Schmidt and other famous business moguls and celebrities. To become a member, one must have a home in the vicinity, the cost of which ranges from $ 2 Million to $25 million with an annual membership fee at $250,000 per year. The recently launched ‘worldwide’ membership allows access to Yellowstone clubs across the world for a cool $2 Million.

  1. Soho House, Mumbai

(Image Source – Soho house, Mumbai)

Soho House is a name synonymous with privacy and creativity. The brand has super exclusive invitation-only clubs across the world and has recently opened one in Mumbai. The 22 houses around the world cater to the eccentric, cool creative class of the society. The Soho House, Mumbai offers five types of memberships: Local House, Every House, Five Year Local House, Five Year Every House, Under 27 Local House, Under 27 Every House, Five Year Under 27 Local House, and the Five Year U27 Every House. Per year membership fees start at Rs 50,000 for the U27 local house and can go up to Rs 8,80,000. Plus the one-time registration fee of Rs 30,000 for adults and Rs 10,000 for under 27 applications. But to become a member, you need to know an existing member who would be willing to vouch for your membership. With people like Karan Johar, Kiran Rao, Masaba Gupta and founding members AD Singh on its list, the waiting list to the club is huge and expect to pull some strong strings to get in.

  1. Palazzo Ralph Lauren

(Image Source – Observer)

Opened in September 2015, the Ultimate Private luxury Club For Fashionistas, Palazzo Ralph Lauren is the first invite-only club in Milan that makes sure its members get exclusive experiences with the best food Italy has to offer. But that’s not what memberships are about at Palazzo Ralph Lauren. Besides developing deeper relationships with VIP Guests, the club provides first access to all Ralph Lauren exclusives including apparel, watches and other merchandise. Guests benefit from the extreme privacy and get to try-on for fit various clothes, accessories, jewellery and watches made by Ralph Lauren.  Entry is by application and Ralph Lauren’s team has stringent rules about whom to accept the application from. So one does need to have strong references to be accepted.

  1. Bilderberg Framework

Since its inception in 1954, the Bilderberg meetings are the stuff that legends are made of. Attended by political leaders, industry experts, leaders in finance, media and banking, the Bilderberg Meetings is an annual forum for informal discussions where the members discuss the next move to foster transnational relationships. With the world’s most powerful leaders in attendance, topics such as free trade, US’r role as a superpower, global alliances for trade and commerce are a few of the topics discussed in the annual forum. While the list of its 2018 participants is available online, gaining access to the meeting is restricted to members only which too is decided by the members, the process of which is not known.

  1. The LaFerrari craze

(Image Source – Ferrari)

When you think of opulence and luxury, you think of brands like Gucci, Lamborghini, Aston Martin etc. But nothing says ‘You have arrived’ like a Ferrari roaring under your seat. While most people can only dream of owning a Ferrari, few have had the chance of owning one and even fewer had the chance of owning multiples. While Ferrari still does a background check on each of its customers who intend to buy their cars, if you have just about enough money, you can sport a brand new Ferrari. But here’s a Ferrari that even the most opulent cant own one simply because Ferrari wants it to be the way. The ‘LaFerrari Spider’ also known as LaFerrari is a $1.4 million car that even the late Preston Henn, who had 18 Ferraris in his collection, was rejected. Termed as possibly the best Ferrari ever, the Laferrari is a collectors dream and is a limited run production which increases its collectable value even more.

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