Franchising in the India Luxury Industry

5th Feb, 2014 | Indian Luxury Market

The business of becoming a franchisee in India for the many international, glamorous luxury brands is not easy. We study the problems and challenges that they have to face in 2014.

2013 draws to an eventful end. Not a great year for many businesses in India… Retail and luxury retail is no different. With every success story of a Zara, there is also the debacle of a Walmart! With a trailblazing success of Audi, there is also the failure story of a Nano. With the rise of ‘Infinity Fashions’ as the new kid on the luxury landscape, there is the dismal and alarming collapse of a ‘Blues Clothing Company’.

Yet, the Indian luxury industry has grown steadily at a consistent rate of 18-20 per cent per annum and is presumed to stand at almost 10 billion USD in 2014.

This article was written by Mr Gupta & was originally published in Luxury Facts. To read the article in detail, please click here.