Two Weeks of Experiential And Immersive Luxury Learning In The Heartland of Incredible India

16th May, 2016 | Indian Luxury

With India increasingly becoming a focus of attention, particularly in the luxury domain, there is an imperative need for international students / young executives to learn about the Indian luxury market. Developed as a modular, experiential & immersive learning workshop, the intent is to expose a global learner to the intricacies of the typical Indian traditional luxury domain.

The west has always been fascinated by the mysticism & romance of colours; culture; royalty; palaces; Nizams, their lifestyles; their clothes and embroidery besides the music, dance & gourmet delicacies. How else to learn about them while not only experiencing and immersing your self completely in that?

In two weeks, the delegate can develop the firsthand experience and feel of all this & more, besides the market with a structured learning of the mystical charm, rich heritage, glorious past as well as the current/future landscape.

The group size is being restricted to 12 for a more intense interactive learning. Interactions with practising professionals and academic leaders is a compulsory part of the format. Visits to designer backyards of production facilities in embroidery,   textile ornamentations and colours besides the new markets of luxury retail have been factored in.

The article was originally published on Mr Abhay Gupta’s LinkedIn Profile on May 16, 2016. To read the article in detail, please click on the link: Article Link.